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every buno behen product is

ethical & sustainable are not mutually exclusive, you can't be one without the other - our story

W'aari Collection

W'aari is an amalgamation of two craft artforms Wari motifs & Aari embroidery.

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Pahadi Postcards Collection

Our cosy knitwear made with naturally-dyed indigenous wool & eri silk which is hand-spun, hand-dyed & hand-knit in the small towns at the foothills of Himalayas.

A fashion revolution is not radical, it's the bare minimum - Maithili Chodankar

  • Crafts Focused

    We infuse ancient craft techniques with a contemporary twist, preserving a rich heritage in every item.

  • Low Impact

    Our collections prioritize environmental respect by using deadstock fabric, upcycling production cutoffs, and incorporating responsibly dyed organic or recycled materials.

  • Women Made

    We partner with women-led craft organizations, supporting their development and fostering skill-sharing through Badho-Behen Program

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