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every buno behen product is

ethical & sustainable are not mutually exclusive, you can't be one without the other - our story

W'aari Collection

W'aari is an amalgamation of two craft artforms Wari motifs & Aari embroidery.

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Pahadi Postcards - souvenirs de l'Himalaya

Our cosy knitwear made with naturally-dyed indigenous wool & eri silk which is hand-spun, hand-dyed & hand-knit in the small towns at the foothills of Himalayas.

Zero Waste Collection

Our range of handmade upcycled conscious gifts curated for you

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A fashion revolution is not radical, it's the bare minimum - Maithili Chodankar

  • Crafts Focused

    Every item harnesses ancient craft techniques passed out from generation to generation. We aim to promote and preserve this rich heritage while adding our contemporary take to traditional savoir-faire.

  • Low Impact

    Every collection is made with the utmost respect for the environment. We prioritise the use of deadstock fabric & optimise our production cutoffs by creating upcycled trinkets.

    If we use new raw materials we use organic or recycled fabrics that are dyed responsibly.

  • Women Made

    We partner with women run and women benefitting craft organizations; which invest in their development through programs for capacity building, healthcare, digital literacy to name a few.

    We also created badho-behen as a platform for skill sharing amongst master & novice artisans

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