Embracing Sustainability: A Message from Maithili, Founder of Buno Behen

Embracing Sustainability: A Message from Maithili, Founder of Buno Behen

Dear Friends,

As the founder of Buno Behen, I am excited to share with you our journey and dedication towards a more ethical and sustainable fashion industry through our involvement with Fashion Revolution, a global movement that champions transparency, sustainability, and fair working conditions. This year, we embrace the theme #WeAreFashionRevolution, a powerful reminder that each of us is part of the sweeping changes reshaping the world of fashion.

Understanding Fashion Revolution

Fashion Revolution emerged in the wake of the 2013 Rana Plaza disaster, where a factory collapse in Bangladesh claimed over a thousand lives. This tragic event highlighted the dark side of the fashion industry: unsafe working conditions, unfair wages, and environmental degradation. Fashion Revolution aims to combat these issues by mobilizing individuals and companies to transform the fashion industry into a force for good. They call for greater transparency through initiatives like the Fashion Transparency Index, which assesses brands on how they disclose their social and environmental practices and impacts.

Buno Behen's Ethical Foundation

At Buno Behen, our philosophy is woven from the threads of sustainability and respect for craftsmanship. We collaborate closely with artisans across India, ensuring that they work under fair conditions and are compensated justly for their invaluable skills. Our garments are crafted using environmentally friendly materials, minimizing our ecological footprint and supporting our community's well-being.

Our commitment aligns seamlessly with the goals of Fashion Revolution. We strive for transparency in our production processes and take pride in the traceability of our garments, ensuring our customers know the who, what, and where of their clothing's creation.

Your Role in the Fashion Revolution

You, as a consumer, play a critical role in this transformative movement. Here’s how you can join us in making a difference:

Be Curious, Find Out, Do Something: Engage with brands about their production practices by asking, #WhoMadeMyClothes? This simple question encourages brands to be transparent about their supply chain.

Educate and Influence Others: Share the importance of sustainable fashion with your network. By spreading the word, you can influence others to make more conscious choices.

Support Ethical Brands: Choose to purchase from brands that are transparent about their production practices and committed to ethical standards. Every purchase made thoughtfully contributes to a healthier planet and a fairer society.

A Sustainable Future Together

As we continue to grow and learn at Buno Behen, we invite you to join us on this journey. Together, we can forge a fashion industry that respects both people and the planet. Your choices have the power to drive significant change, helping to shape a sustainable future where fashion is a force for good.

Conclusion: Join Us on This Journey

I invite you to explore our collection and learn more about our mission. Together, with each sustainable choice, we are building a fashion industry that we can all be proud of. We are the fashion revolution—empowered, connected, and transformative.

Thank you for being a part of this movement. Together, we are not just consumers; we are creators of our own future.

Pyaar et Amour,


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