Transparency - Jargon Free Explanation

Transparency - Jargon Free Explanation

Namaste et Bienvenue, as our first blog, we wanted to share with you all that we stand for!
At Buno Behen, we believe that being ethical and sustainable go hand in hand. We cannot indeed be one without the other. 
We strive to incorporate these values into every aspect of our business, from fair labour practices and transparent supply chains to eco-friendly materials and sustainable production methods.
  • We pay our artisan partners fairly: We believe in fair and transparent remuneration for the hard work of our craft partners.

  • We have a transparent supply chain: We are open and honest about where our materials come from and how they are sourced.

  • All our big vendors are certified by domestic & international certifications: We only work with vendors who meet high standards of ethical and sustainable practices.

  • For our small vendors, we use the following strategy: We work through a network of reputed organizations to support our small vendors, who may not have the capacity to get certifications.

We also believe in being transparent about our financials. Our current cost breakdown is as follows: as we are only 8 months old, 100% of our profits are reinvested into growing the business and engaging and developing more artisan partnerships. For now,  the founder Maithili doesn't draw a salary; the business is funded through her savings and whatever profit we turnover.
Eventually, as we grow, 10% of our net profits after taxes will be redirected towards our Badho Behen Initiative (skill and capacity building project for our artisan partners), and the remaining 4 to 5% would help us make a living, keep the business alive and hire a permanent team.
  • Upcycle textile waste: We aim to reduce waste by repurposing textile scraps into new products and working with deadstock fabric

  • Use natural fibres: We prioritise the use of natural fibres over synthetic ones, which are often derived from fossil fuels and can have negative environmental impacts.

  • Use natural dyes: If we are incorporating handlooms in our collection, we prioritise the use plant based dyes, which are safer for the environment and for the people who use them.

  • We give preference to factories that are solar-powered & have water recycling facilities: We choose to work with factories that use renewable energy and have sustainable water management practices.

  • Source and create everything in one state (department) as much as possible: We aim to reduce our carbon footprint by minimising the distance our materials and products need to travel.

  • Prioritize the use of train & road transport for team travel: We choose to travel using less carbon-intensive methods, such as trains and buses, to reduce our impact on the environment.

  • Upcycled & eco-friendly packaging: We use packaging materials that are made from recycled materials and can be easily recycled or composted.

  • Carbon-neutral logistics partner for shipping: We partner with logistics companies that offset the emissions from shipping our products

Real Talk: We acknowledge that we are not perfect, but as a small brand run by one person, we are committed to constantly improving and making a positive impact on the environment and our community.

Pyaar et Amour  <3 - Maithili (Founder & Director - Buno Behen) 
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