W'aari Test Pilot Explained

W'aari Test Pilot Explained

Welcome to our world! We are a small business, run by one person - Maithili, with big dreams and small budgets. As we approach our first anniversary next month, we're ready to take things to the next level and evolve in exciting new ways and we want you to join us on this adventure with our W'aari test pilot. 


When you sign up for our test pilot, you will join our insider circle! You will literally help us evolve, by giving us valuable feedback. Thanks to your feedback we will introduce styles that are catered to you our community <3 Once you are a part of our insider circle, you are in forever. You will get first glimpses and special discounts for each collection we have! Special invites to events and workshop and much more. 


Minimizing our impact on the environment: 

We're shifting to a pre-orders-focused model that helps us reduce waste and produce only what is needed. By doing this, we're not only reducing our environmental footprint, but we're also offering our customers a more sustainable way to shop.

Highlighting India's artisanal design talent:

At Buno Behen, we're committed to showcasing India's artisanal talent and elevating the country's reputation beyond that of a mere producer nation. We believe that Indian artisans have much to offer in terms of art and design, and our new concept of "Designed in India & Made in France" reflects this vision. Through this concept, we want to show that India is not just capable of executing designs but also leading in design. As part of this initiative, we are proud to feature Warli motifs conceptualized by two young Warli Artisans from Maharashtra, who bring their unique creative perspective to our designs.

Building a community of supporters: 

We're launching a test pilot program that allows our supporters to join our inner circle and help us evolve. As a member of this community, you'll get first access to our new products and processes, as well as the opportunity to provide feedback and help shape the future of our small business.
Are you ready to help us evolve, sign up here or If you want more information head to our w'aari test pilot page! 
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