What's Next After Fashion Revolution Week?

What's Next After Fashion Revolution Week?

Hello, lovely people,

As the curtains close on this year's Fashion Revolution Week, I find myself filled with gratitude and a renewed sense of purpose. It's the week we remember the Rana Plaza tragedy, which deeply affects all of us every year, reminding us why we started Buno Behen in the first place. Let’s keep the conversation going about how we can all contribute to a kinder and more caring fashion world.

Reflecting on Fashion Revolution Week

Every year, this special week helps us remember the lives lost in the terrible collapse of the Rana Plaza factory on April 24, 2013. It's a tough reminder but a necessary one, that shows us the need for a kinder approach in fashion. We spend the week talking about how we can do better and make sure our clothes aren't just beautiful but also made in a way that's good for everyone involved.

Why Do We Need a Fashion Revolution?

Our industry needs a makeover – it's as simple as that. Too many people making our clothes work in bad conditions and for not enough pay, and making clothes the usual way also hurts our beautiful planet. We need to change this, not just during this special week but every day of the year.

The Role of Industry Actors

Everyone involved in fashion has a role to play:

Us Designers and Brands: We need to be honest about how our clothes are made and make sure they’re made under good conditions.

The Makers and Suppliers: It’s important they treat their workers well and look after our environment.

Governments: They need to help by making sure there are rules to keep everything fair.

You, Our Customers: You have a big voice – what you buy and the questions you ask can really make a difference.

What Can You Do as a Customer?

Every choice you make can help change things:

Learn and Share: The more you know about where and how your clothes are made, the better choices you can make.

Choose Wisely: Support brands that care about people and the planet.

Speak Up: Talk about what you learn and ask questions – it keeps us all honest!

Participate in Year-Round Campaigns

Even though Fashion Revolution Week ends, our work doesn’t. You can keep helping all year long by joining these great initiatives:

#WhoMadeMyClothes: Ask brands about who makes the clothes. It helps make sure the people making them are treated right.

Events and Swaps: Get involved in events that promote recycling and swapping clothes instead of always buying new.

Take Action: Key Campaigns to Support

Here are a few wonderful campaigns that are very close to my heart, and they could use your support:

The International Safety Accord by Remake: This helps ensure that factories are safe places to work.

Bangladesh Minimum Wage Campaign: This campaign fights for fair pay for the workers in Bangladesh.

The Fabric Act: This aims to make sure that everyone involved in making our clothes is treated fairly and works in safe conditions.

The European Floor Wage: This is about making sure that all workers in Europe get paid enough to live on.

Moving Forward

Every step we take towards a fairer fashion world is a step in the right direction. Your actions, big or small, add up and really make a difference. By choosing thoughtfully, learning continuously, and speaking out, we can all help create a fashion industry that cares for every person and our planet.

Together, let's make fashion fair and full of love!

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