Who Made My Clothes?

Meet the 'behens' behind Buno Behen.

  • Maithili - Founder

    Conscious fashion, living and cats is what she is all about. Originally from Bombay, she lives in France and Buno Behen is her way of connecting her two homes through craft and craftswomanship

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  • Maahi & Mitsu - Design Interns

    Behind every successful woman, there is another woman. In our case there were two! Dedicated, talented and always up for a challenge! They wore many hats with ease and brought Buno Behen's creative vision to life.

  • Hina - Master Applique Artisan

    She is also the head of the SEWA Abodana cooperative. She has been trained in applique by her mother and has practised it since she was 17 years old. Most of the applique work done on our garments is by her. She is very dedicated and skilled! Her dream is to make her work gain recognition worldwide.

  • Shital - Master Embroidery Artisan

    She learned embroidery in school and has practised the craft for the past 26 years. She has been associated with the SEWA Federation for the past three years. She hopes that her work and that of her sisters reach international markets, and they get to learn new and different things every time.

  • Amisha - Manager & Master Embroidery Artisan

    She is the manager of SEWA Abodana and a very skilled embroidery artisan, working with them for the last five years now. She has conducted craft seminars and trained fashion design students from reputed institutions such as NIFT and NID, to name a few. With us, she loved learning and unfurling the entire design process and is now confident to take on even bigger projects and have the world discover Indian craft and craftswomanship! 

  • Manisha - Master Tailoring Artisan

    She is our master tailoring artisan. She has been with the cooperative for two years.  

    She is the youngest of the lot. She learned to sew from her mum and joined SEWA through her. She is a quick learner. Despite this being the first time she's worked on a collection of this scale, she mastered it. She hopes to become proficient in pattern making, which is one of her strengths and grow her portfolio by learning more complex and intricate design skills.

  • Chandni - Embroidery Artisan

    She is one of the recent additions to the group, joined 8-9 months ago. She learned embroidery with SEWA abodana and is well-versed in other art techniques such as fabric painting and accessory making. She loved working with us and understanding the process of end to end production. Her goal is to gain exposure and experience by working with more and more quality brands.

  • Kailash - Master Tailoring Artisan

    She is our master tailoring artisan and has worked with SEWA for the past year. She learned sewing through a government programme. She gained confidence in her skills by working on a collection from start to finish. Her goal is to create a woman’s self-help group of her own and help marginalised communities within her vicinity gain work and upliftment opportunities.

  • Rina - Aari Embroidery Artisan

    Rina ben is our master Aari artisan. She works independently from her home in Ahmedabad. She learned this skill from her elders and now trains and works alongside other female artisans in the vicinity.

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  • Fatema & Akil (Mother - Son Duo)

    Fatema & Akil are independent artisans who work as independent artisans and sometimes in collaboration with SEWA Abodana. Fatema ben is an expert in applique and embroidery and akil is a great seamstress and he is also studing to be a designer. Together they work on our pre-orders and have created some of our zero-waste gifting collection.

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Spirit Of Cooperation

We get by with a little help from our friends.

There were specific tasks that we had to outsource to other artisans due to time constraints and limitations to the current skillsets of our artisans.

Our artisans recommended independent artisans within their local community who could take up these challenges in the spirit of cooperation, and they deserve a special mention!

  • Chetna & Hemant (sibiling duo)

    Chetna has been a part of SEWA Abodana for years. She recently started a small venture with her brother Hemant. Their father was a master tailor and passed down his knowledge to his children. They have created a small production unit out of their home in Gujarat and routinely work with small boutique brands. Their goal is to become self-reliant and grow their small business. 

    They have worked on our spirit of behenhood & w'aari collection.

  • Manu Bhai

    One of our oldest artisans, his shop has been located in Dal Ni Pol for five decades. His father started the business, which was later passed down to him. He does machine embroidery (without the help of computers) of the highest quality. The text quotes on our garments are done by him.