Who Made My Art?

Meet the 'behens' who made our gorgeous warli art collection

  • Warli Artisans for Buno Behen

    Our Warli Artisans - Ashwini Sutar & Mayuri Vayeda

I, Maithili, the founder of Buno Behen, am originally from Mumbai, India. I have a deep connection to the culture and traditions of my home state of Maharashtra.

In 2023, during a visit to India, I had the pleasure of connecting with Ayush Warli Painting and discovering the incredible Warli art form. I was captivated by the intricate details and rich cultural history of this traditional folk art.

Inspired by the beauty of Warli art, I asked Ayush Warli Painting to connect me with young female Warli artisans who shared our philosophy. This is how I had the pleasure of meeting Ashwini Sutar and Mayuri Vayeda, two incredibly talented Warli artisans from the Palghar district in Maharashtra.

With their extensive knowledge of Warli art and their artistic vision, Ashwini and Mayuri created stunning motifs that celebrate feminine creativity. Their passion for their craft and their community shines through their work, and we are proud to showcase their unique artistry through our brand.

At Buno Behen, we believe in uplifting women artisans through traditional Indian crafts, and Warli art is a perfect example of this philosophy. Our small, handmade, upcycled collections not only celebrate the beauty of Warli art but also provide sustainable livelihoods to talented artisans like Ashwini and Mayuri.

By incorporating these traditional techniques into our ethical and sustainable fashion brand, we are contributing to the preservation and promotion of India's rich cultural heritage. We are committed to empowering our craft partners and providing fair-employment opportunities through skill-building and international market linkage.

If you're looking for unique and sustainable fashion, look no further than our W'aari collection. We are proud to collaborate with Ashwini and Mayuri and to showcase the beauty of Warli art to the world.