Who Made My Knits?

Meet the 'behens' who knit our cosy winter collection

  • The team that worked on our Pahadi Postcards Collection

    Right To Left: Kusum, Saroj, Rabina, Anjali - Himalayan Blooms

Pratibha Krishnaiah, a young professional from Bangalore, embarked on a transformative journey to a remote Himalayan village driven by a profound desire to empower women. In Khetikhan, she encountered a breathtaking landscape and a community brimming with untapped potential.

Pratibha's initial challenge was daunting: where to begin? However, her keen observation revealed the local women's exceptional knitting skills, honed through generations to combat harsh Himalayan winters. This craft, deeply rooted in their culture, had remained an unexplored source of economic opportunity.

With unwavering determination, Pratibha set out to harness these skills for the women's betterment. The idea of using their cherished craft to supplement their meager agricultural incomes ignited hope and enthusiasm.

News of Pratibha's mission reached the United States, inspiring a visitor to make a life-altering journey to Khetikhan. Witnessing the women's determination, he resolved to help bring their handcrafted treasures to the global market.

Today, 35 women have formed knitting collectives, crafting scarves, hats, socks, and ponchos. A dedicated team of international volunteers is working to market their products in the United States.

Pratibha and Dhanashree, both from Bangalore, provide unwavering leadership, transforming the women's dormant skills into tools of empowerment. Now, the world can appreciate the warmth and artistry of hand-knitted Himalayan treasures.

Every purchase supports these women's journey from dependence to independence, shaping a brighter future for them and their community.

  • Maithili - Founder & CEO

    She's all about conscious fashion, mindful living, and, of course, cats. She originally hails from Bombay but now calls France her home. Buno Behen? That's her way of bringing her two homes together through the magic of craftsmanship.

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  • Mitsu & Shailee

    Mitsu and Shailee were our eyes on the ground in India, playing a pivotal role. They worked closely with the artisans, ensuring quality checks and offering design input and guidance. Without their unwavering dedication, our knitwear collection would not have come to fruition.

pahadi postcards - souvenirs de khetikhan

Pahadi Post-Cards

Pahadi Post-Cards

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