Pre-Order Guide

Welcome! We made this guide to answer all your Buno Behen pre-ordering queries, questions & doubts. Without further adieu, let’s begin!

Let Me Pre-Order

what, why, hows of pre-orders!

What is a pre-order?

The name says it all. Pre-order essentially means you place a request for an item before it is available for sale. In our case, a garment only goes into production once you place an order with us!

Why is pre-ordering planet-friendly?

The fast fashion industry is guilty of over-production, infact it thrives on this model. They produce large quantities of cheap disposable clothing that, when unsold, ends up in landfills in the Global South. 

Slow, small production or making a garment when ordered is one way to counter this problem.

How does pre-ordering help a small brand like ours?

Small businesses are often run by one or two people with small budgets. Pre-ordering helps us keep our start-up costs low.

For Buno Behen, the brand is run by Maithili with the help of her meagre savings. When you pre-order, you pay for the piece in advance, which allows us to put our limited and precious capital towards training for the artisans, marketing activities, and expanding our sustainability measures rather than keep investing in inventory. 

It also gives an insight into what you like and helps us design clothes that are better suited to your likes & lifestyle.

why aren't all brands using pre-orders as their primary model?

Well, like most things in life, it isn’t so black & white! There are a couple of reasons. 

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longer timelines

Pre-orders take 2-8 weeks to get fulfilled, depending on the product. While some customers are okay waiting that long, some prefer quick delivery dates. More and more brands, us included, are trying to educate customers about the benefits of pre-ordering, hoping to change this quick-fix mentality our capitalist society thrives on!

cost of production

Most brands, small or big, produce in partnerships with garment factories, NGOs, or small enterprises. Irrespective of who you work with, you must deal with MOQs (minimum order quantities). The higher the MOQ, the cheaper the cost of production. That answers your question - Why are small brands more expensive?  It’s because small brands have small MOQs, which leads to higher production costs.

Being planet-friendly isn’t capitalism friendly, and until we completely overhaul how we function as a society, this will continue.

what happens once I place a pre-order?

I have pre-ordered, now what?

Once you place a pre-order, we give you an approximate delivery timeline. Please note: Since we work with factories & textile waste or hand-dyed fabrics, we may not always have the exact colours available. In that case, you are notified of the modifications and asked for approval via email. 

If you disapprove of the changes, we issue a full refund. If you approve, we start making the garment for you. 

What are the timelines for pre-orders?

We believe in slow, mindful production as we work with artisans or artisans collectives. Our timelines are between 8-10 weeks. But as they say, good things come to those who wait! In the end, you have a piece of clothing that is planet & people friendly! 

Are pre-orders eligible for free shipping?

Sorry, since the items are shipped from India, they aren’t eligible for free shipping. 

Can I cancel my pre-order?

If you cancel within 48 hours, you will receive a full refund; if you cancel after, we will deduct 60% of the total amount as cancellation fees. We are a small ethical business. This fee allows us to pay our suppliers and artisans for the work they already put in.

Okay, I get it, but an example would be even better!

We are here to make this as simple as possible. Let us illustrate the process.