W'aari Collection

Designed In India & Made In France

Through W'aari, we're committed to showcasing India's artisanal talent by revising the concept for the part of the collection - "Designed in India & Made in France" to reflect our belief that artisans can lead in art and design, then merely execute it. Our Warli motifs are conceptualised by two young Warli artisans from Maharashtra, highlighting their unique creative perspective."

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W'aari - Folk Art Of India

Designed In India & Made In France

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W'aari Handmade Collection

handmade in india with respect

The second drop of our w'aari collection is a beautiful amalgamation of Warli & Aari embroidery, showcasing the beauty of western india on a naturally dyed organic cotton canvas

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Discover The Art Of Warli

Warli is a form of tribal folk painting by the Warli Tribe residing in Maharashtra, India. Know the history of Warli.

Discover The Art Of Aari

Aari embroidery, a mesmerizing craft, weaves tales of tradition and innovation, preserving India's rich heritage in each delicate stitch. Know more about the art of aari.

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