Meet Our Suppliers

At Buno Behen, we only work with suppliers aligned with our brand values. All our fabrics are either handloom sourced from small independent artisans or NGOs in India or textile waste sourced from GOTS certified factories.

  • Herbal Fab - Gujarat, India

    Herbal Fab is owned by brothers Kunal & Prashant Bahar on a mission to make sustainable fabrics accessible to small businesses and designers. 

    Herbal fab also has an ethical garment production unit and is working towards bringing more traceability to the organic cotton supply chain.

    ~ GOTS Certified 

  • True Tone Ink - Gujarat, India

    Specialised in producing herbal dyes & textiles. Through their initiative, ‘Color Ashram’, they conduct herbal dyeing workshops and aim to educate brands and consumers about the benefits of herbal dyeing. They demystify the delicate process through beginner-friendly and intensive training modules for conscious consumers from their solar-powered and low-impact studio in Gujarat, India. 

    ~ GOTS and Onecert Certified 

  • Magan Khadi - Maharashtra, India

    Magan Khadi is a reputed institution based in Maharashtra that produces authentic Khadi certified by Khadi & Village Industries Commission, India. They use natural dyes and provide quality employment to the local communities of Wardha, strengthening the grassroots economy.

  • Khatri Abdullah Sumar - Gujarat, India

    Mr. Khatri is an expert in natural vegetal dyeing and hand-block printing. He specialises in traditional Ajrakh fabric, which uses woodblock printing that originated in parts of the Indus Valley Civilization. Today, this technique is popular in parts of Kutch in Gujarat and Barmer in Rajasthan.